New Alyx model - back to the roots?

Cinematic Mod 10: The first pictures of the new Alyx - Update: Video and Beta Download

PC Games Hardware shows the first Screenshots of the new optional HD Alyx model that won't look like Adriana Lima anymore but like Jamil Mullen, who is the original real-life model for Alyx.
Cinematic Mod 10: The new optional HD model for Alyx
Cinematic Mod 10: The new optional HD model for Alyx [Source: view picture gallery]
Modder Fakefactory released the first screenshots of the new Alyx model. Those are "Very Early Beta”, so they only give a brief impression in the current state of development and are not necessarily comparable to the final graphics of the modification.

The biggest change is the new, additional Alyx model that isn't inspired by supermodel Adriana Lima (who had been a controversial matter among Half-Life 2 fans) anymore. Fakefactory now tries to copy the original real-life model for Alyx, the actress Jamil Mullen, who spent several days in a studio for motion capturing purposes when Half-Life 2 was developed. Below you can find a direct comparison between the two HD Alyx models; just click on the names to switch between the pictures.

Update: April 23, 2009
Modder Fakefactory asked us to put the statements regarding the new Alyx straight. The situation looks as follows: There will be an additional HD model that is based on Jamil Mullen. But the Adriana Lima model will be available,too. The alternative Test Alyx (the one with the bloated lips grinning stupidly into the camera) has only been a test and won't replace the Adriana Lima model.

The Jamil Mullen version will be available in Cinematic Mod 10, but it will look a lot different than now. Fans will have to be patient. There won't be any more Beta pictures of the model published.

Both HD Alyx versions will have considerably more realistic eyes with simulated humidity and diffuse environment reflections. This doesn't sound very exciting at first, but is supposed to deliver impressive results in combination with Valve's extraordinary Facial Animation system (see the picture gallery).

Update: May 11, 2009
Fakefactory published a download of the Cinematic Mod 10 Beta and a video that demonstrates some of the new models and textures. Fans of the Cinematic Mod should definitely watch the clip.

Only recently we published screenshots of the Cinematic Mod 10, which is still work in progress, that revealed Bump Maps rocks and HD objects, but caused quite a stir around the internet because of the pictured Alyx model. What do you think of the new Alyx model? Use the comments to give your opinion.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (May 11, 2009)

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