Battle armor for the US Military

US Military develops Crysis like Nanosuit

The US military is apparently working on a battle suit that bears resemblance to the Crysis Nanosuit and is part of the Future Combat Program.
US Military develops Crysis like Nanosuit
US Military develops Crysis like Nanosuit [Source: view picture gallery]
The website Trends der Zukunft reported about the Future Combat Program. Accordingly the US Military is working on a battle suit since 2002 and the first version is said to be completed in 2010. The suit offers full body protection and is hooked up with a PC. Artificial muscle fibers are said to support the strength of the person wearing the suit. Sounds a little like the Nanosuit from Crysis, don't you think?

Apparently the helmet is one of the most interesting components. A 180 degrees visor grants optimal sight, navigation, maps and important data of other soldiers. Furthermore the system is equipped with a satellite connection. Sensors check the surroundings and there also is a control system for drones, mini tanks and booby traps. The vital signs (Temperature, blood pressure, stress, fitness and power supply of the suit) of the soldiers are transmitted to the command. Due to special energy systems the suit is supposed to work up to six days.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (May 01, 2009)

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