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Download: Evga Precision 1.7.1

Evga has released version 1.7.1 of the Precision tool and adds a new feature that checks for updates.
Evga's Precision Tool Version 1.7.1
Evga's Precision Tool Version 1.7.1 [Source: view picture gallery]
The Precision tool is based on the Rivatuner and focuses on the basic features. The hardware can be monitored and optionally you can have temperatures and frequency of the graphics card displayed in games.

Like GPU-Z the tool reads important details of the GPU. Overclocking the graphics cards is also possible and you can for example adjust the Shader frequency of up-to-date Geforces. A fan control, diverse skins and support for Logitech's G15 make the tool a useful thing to have. Version 1.7.1 requires a Geforce 6 or newer Geforce and Windows XP respectively Vista.

In order to download the tool at the Evga website, you need to register there first. Logged in members of the PCGH community can also use the One-Click-Download below. In the Changelog below you can find all the readjustments made with the new version:

Changelog des Precision Tool 1.7.1

• Added update checking system
• Now Logitech keyboard soft-buttons can be used to scroll Precision's LCD text in any direction. Both vertical and horizonatal scrolling can be easily reset by pressing up and down or left and right scroll soft-buttons simultaneously.

Author: Andre Klatt (May 04, 2009)

Evga Precision 1.7.1 [1,2 MB]

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