New drivers for Nvidia's Nforce chipsets

Download: Nvidia Nforce motherboard driver

Nvidia delivers new drivers for the Nforce motherboard chipsets. PC Games Hardware offers a local download.
Nvidia chipset drivers for Nforce motherboards
Nvidia chipset drivers for Nforce motherboards [Source: view picture gallery]
The new Nforce driver is released in different versions and offers support back to the fifth generation of Nvidia's chipsets. Logged in PC Games Hardware users can use the comfortable download link below.

Version 15.26 of the driver supports the Nforce chipsets 980a, 780a, 750a, 730a, 720a, 630i and 610i while the Nforce chipsets with SLI support get a different version - 15.25. This driver supports 790i Ultra SLI, 790i SLI, 780i SLI, 750i SLI, 740a SLI, 710a SLI, 680i SLI, 680a SLI, 680i LT SLI, 650i SLI, 650i Ultra, 590 SLI Intel/AMD, 570 SLI Intel/AMD and 550.

Version Highlights according to Nvidia:
- Ethernet Driver WHQL
- Network Management Tools "Sedona"
- RAIDTOOL Application
- SMU Driver WHQL
- SMBus Driver WHQL
- Away Mode Driver WHQL
- Installer

The 32 and 64 bit versions of the drivers are also available in the Nvidia Download Center and can be used for Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Author: Andre Klatt (Mar 18, 2009)

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