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Windows 7: The important drivers at a glance

For optimal stability the Windows 7 RC needs up-to-date drivers for the components. PC Games Hardware delivers an overview with the most important downloads.
Windows 7 Beta 1 (1)
Windows 7 Beta 1 (1) [Source: view picture gallery]
The Release Candidate of Windows 7 is quite popular among the users. Many people take a look at what Microsoft plans with the next step of the operating system. For optimal operation - as far as this is possible with a prerelease version - it is most recommended to use drivers as new as possible. PC Games Hardware delivers an overview with links to the downloads.

AMD Catalyst 9.4 WHQL
Nvidia Geforce 185.85 WHQL
Intel chipset driver
Realtek HD audio driver R2.22
Creative Soundblaster/Audigy/X-Fi Beta for Windows 7
Asus motherboard Beta drivers for Windows 7
Microsoft Intellitype Pro 7 Beta for Windows 7

As drivers for soundcards or network adapters, mass storage controllers and peripheral devices you currently have to use the drivers included in Windows 7 or try a Vista driver.

Basically many Windows Vista drivers will work for Windows 7, too. The Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) is used again and thus you have quite a chance that a Vista driver works without any problems.

PC Games Hardware already reported about the download of the Windows 7 Release Candidate and also ran Windows 7 tests with games and applications

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Author: Andreas Link (May 08, 2009)

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