Anno 1404 Dawn of Discovery preview

Anno 1404 tested: The first graphics cards and CPU benchmarks

Anno 1404, which is also known as Dawn of Discovery, is one of the most anxiously awaited real-time strategy games. PC Games Hardware already got processor and graphics cards benchmarks.
Anno 1404: Vorschau die PCGH Premium 07/09
Anno 1404: Vorschau die PCGH Premium 07/09 [Source: view picture gallery]
In Europe Anno 1404 is scheduled to hit the markets on June 25, but PC Games Hardware already got a test version of the real-time strategy game. Below you can find the first benchmarks with several processors and graphics cards. A full benchmark review will follow as soon as time permits.

The benchmarks have been made with a PCGH exclusive test version of Anno 1404 that delivers almost final performance and has been given to us by Related Designs.

Anno 1404 tested: CPU benchmarks
The "RD3DEngine2” of Anno 1404 has been optimized for multi-core CPUs from the very first moment. No matter if you use a Core 2 Quad, a Phenom II X4 or a Core i7 - all available cores are utilized.

Anno 1404 tested: Graphics cards benchmarks
Besides DirectX 10 support Anno 1404 also offers more up-to-date rendering features like adaptive Depth of Field, HDR or Parallax Mapping. The correlative graphics can be found on many screenshots in the gallery below.

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Author: Marc Sauter (May 11, 2009)

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