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GTA 4: Higher visual quality with Downsampling

A potential tuning tip that is based on the principle of Downsampling can be found in the forum of 3D Center. PC Games hardware shows the possible quality improvements.
GTA4: 2.988 x 2.100 1xAA 16:1 AF @ 1.494 x 1.050 Downsampling
GTA4: 2.988 x 2.100 1xAA 16:1 AF @ 1.494 x 1.050 Downsampling [Source: view picture gallery]
Usually "downsampling” means loss of information (in our case: graphics information). But with the tuning tip that is explained in the 3D Center Forum the downsampling delivers a "sharper” picture to some extend and smoother edges in games that don't have integrated Anti Aliasing - like GTA 4. The reason for this: The picture is extrapolated at first and after that downsampled for the output.

So actually the display is tricked into a higher resolution which is broken down by the LCD to the native resolution. Accordingly the edges look smooth and the picture appears sharper in some parts. But this trick is not easy to use. First of all the appropriate monitor and the graphics card have to cooperate, furthermore the 3D accelerate also has to be fast enough to be able to calculate the higher resolution. There are also some minor problems with blur effects and pillar boxes.

Up to now this has to be regarded as an experimental trick; our colleagues of the 3D Center Forum have more information. In the gallery below you can find several examples pictures of GTA 4 and other games and we also have assembled some direct comparisons with screenshot details. PC Games Hardware will test the trick and keep you up-to-date about the results.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (May 18, 2009)

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