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Power consumption compared: 56 graphics cards tested with GRID

The power consumption is an important characteristic of every graphics card. Today PC Games Hardware delivers results of 56 graphics cards.
Power consumption compared: 56 graphics cards tested with GRID
Power consumption compared: 56 graphics cards tested with GRID [Source: view picture gallery]
Modern graphics cards are much faster than the older models, but they also have a higher power consumption. Because of this reason PC Games Hardware tries to find out which are the most power hungry devices.

Power consumption of graphics cards: Introduction
Several months ago we already tested the power consumption of graphics cards, but this time we can offer results of 56 graphics cards that have been stressed with the popular Race Driver: GRID.

Power consumption of graphics cards: Equipment
The adaptation PEX16IX from Adexelec allows us to record the intensity of current that is transmitted via the PCI-Express slot. With specially designed measuring loops and the clamp-on ammeter Chauvin Arnoux F09 AC/DC the amperage is determined. The power consumption via the additional 6-pin and 8-pin power connectors is recorded separately. With all those individual results the overall power consumption of the graphics card can be calculated.

Power consumption of graphics cards: Results
below you can find the results of our recordings. The chart gives an overview over how much power graphics cards need when stressed with Race Driver: GRID.

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Power consumption of graphics cards: Conclusion
AMD's graphics cards still conquer the upper as well as the lower end of the ranking. In Race Driver: GRID the Radeon HD 4870 X2 needs 255 watt. The HD 4550 on the other hand needs only 17 watt - but delivers the appropriate framerate only. The performance of the HD 4770 attracts some positive attention. Although the card only needs 70 watt it nevertheless delivers enough fps for smooth gameplay. Nvidia cards from the current product array need at least 100 watt for playable framerates. Geforce GTX 260/275/285 are ranging between 140 and 180 watt - depending on the manufacturer and clock speeds. It is quite striking that dual GPU cards consume a relatively low amount of energy. This is the case because Race Driver: GRID doesn't use both GPUs to their full extend.

Author: Andreas Link (May 21, 2009)

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