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PC optimized for games

Download: Game Booster V1.1

According to producer the freeware Game Booster is said to optimize Windows so that games are playable with higher FPS rates.
Game Booster (4)
Game Booster (4) [Source: view picture gallery]
The software Game Booster is for free, has a size of 700 KiByte only and runs under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. After starting, Game Booster shows all active and inactive services of the system. With a click on "Switch to Gaming Mode!” all selected services will be closed. Game Booster shows active plug-ins such as anti-virus software in an extra window. Those applications can be closed down as well, which will offer more memory space. As soon as you click on "Back to Normal Mode” all closed services and applications will be started again.

The download of the final version 1.1 can be found on our servers. No changelog has been published so far.

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Author: Andreas Link (May 26, 2009)

Game Booster V1.1 Final [821,00 KB]
Game Booster V1.0 Final [708,00 KB]


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Tunchy Re: Download: Game Booster V1.1
Senior Member
06.06.2009 20:40
Well, looks like a useful toll form Pc Gamers. I will try too, as soon as I can. Now I am playing TES III: Morrowind and there is no need of using it.

Been a long time waiting for playing Artkwend (a very famous Total Conversion for Morrowind) from SureAI. Love this game. And Also, playing Gothic 1 with the first texture mod. New one, is only for german version of the game.

So I guess I will have to buy it this version, and try to export the new mod textures to my spanish old version. The game, well deserves to try it, at least.

As Pc Gaming has a lot of retrocompatibility, I like sometimes to play older games. Especially, rpg 1players. And graphic adventures / "point & click" thrillers like Overclocked.
Ar.Pi Re: Download: Game Booster V1.1
Senior Member
01.06.2009 14:13
I hope it won't close necessary software i run during playing.

Gonna try it out.
natr0n Re: Download: Game Booster V1.1
Senior Member
01.06.2009 02:52
Quote: (Originally Posted by Ar.Pi)
So, are there comparisons anywhere with and without the software? i don't want to waste time on this unless it really has some worthy "boost" to performance.

It really works, to see what it does, open your task manager and then launch gamebooster switch to game mode and look at your performace tab ram/pf usage

basically it will close off just about everything running and save ram and system cycles to run games faster/smoother.

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