SetFSB for overclocking in Windows

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With the useful tool SetFSB you can adjust the frequency of your CPU on-the-fly in Windows. The free program does not need to be installed.
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SetFSB has recently been updated to version only a few days after the release of version Besides support for Intel's P55 chipset the new version now also offers support for AMD's Ati Radeon Xpress 200M. With the small tool it is possible to adjust the internal clock of the motherboard in Windows and thus increase or decrease the FSB speed.

The tool, which runs without installation, is compatible to several chipsets and a long list of internal motherboard clocks. SetFSB runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Furthermore it is able to overclock even exotic components like the Atom Z530 on the Intel US15W chipset (Poulsbo). The only difficulty is to find out which internal clock PLL is used on the individual motherboard.

You can either download SetFSB from the developers' website or as a PCGH user from our servers.

Author: Carsten Spille (Aug 10, 2009)

SetFSB [216,00 KB]
SetFSB [216,00 KB]
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