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E3: Codemasters shows Dirt 2 video - Update: New gameplay trailers

At the E3 Codemasters showed a gameplay video of Dirt 2 which will be released in September. The short video is very promising.
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The latest part of the racing game, Dirt 2, will be released this September. It had long been dubious if the racer would get a sequel at all after McRae was killed in a helicopter accident in 2007.

At the E3 Codemasters presented a short gameplay video of Dirt 2 which we don't want to hold back. Some time ago Gavon Raeburn, Executive Producer at Codemasters, revealed that cars have 50 percent more polygons and game effects such as deformation, dirt and reflection have been considerably improved. Even graphics is said to be much better. Thus in all aspects Dirt 2 will be better than its predecessor.

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Author: Andreas Link (Jun 04, 2009)

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