AMD uses the first DX11 GPU

AMD shows DirectX 11 Tessellation in action

In AMD's Youtube channel a video has been published that shows a Tessellation demo of the DirectX 11 SDK which is usable with hardware acceleration only.
Tessellation on AMD DX11 hardware 'Evergreen': 14 Fps in 1280x962
Tessellation on AMD DX11 hardware "Evergreen": 14 Fps in 1280x962 [Source: view picture gallery]
Only yesterday we reported about the first public demonstration of DirectX 11 hardware by AMD. The GPU of the graphics card, codename "Evergreen”, which is supposed to have been used to run the Tessellation demo of Microsoft's DirectX 11 SDK, is produced in TSMC's 40 nanometer structure.

PC Games hardware has used this demo to explain the effect of hardware based Tessellation in our German print magazine. But since we don't have access to DirectX 11 hardware yet, the demo was run on the CPU via Microsoft's Reference Rasterizer. Although we used a overclocked Core i7 processor we didn't reach interactivity at the highest Tessellation level 32 but sometimes had to wait for several minutes before the video information was updated.

The AMD graphics card "Evergreen”, which is supposed to have been used for the video, is able to reach interactive although not fully smooth framerates at tessellation level 19 - that's what the clip shows at least.

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Author: Spille, Pusse (Jun 04, 2009)

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