New EVGA products at Computex 2009

Computex: Evga with P55 boards, GTX 295 + water cooling and more novelties

Evga extends the product array with P55 boards for Intel's Lynnfield CPUs and some new X58 models as well as graphics cards for PC and Mac.
Evga P55 board
Evga P55 board [Source: view picture gallery]
Evga's motherboards with Intel's P55 chipset have a similar color as the X58 Classified. The black and red boards will apparently be released in three different versions - the middle-class and high-end boards were already on display at the Computex. The high-end version (pictured without cooler) has voltage supply with several lanes and high quality components in the CPU socket as well as a switch to choose between three BIOS chips. It seems like the lanes for the graphics card are limited to 16 because of what the performance of multi GPU setups might be lowered noticeably.

For Intel's Core i7 Evga introduced the X58 SLI LE that has a less complex cooling solution and black slots. The X58 SLI Micro matches the microATX format and has colors similar to those of the Classified, too. The latter one has also been overhauled and now offers an additional PCI Express x16 slot.

Evga Geforce GTX 295
Evga Geforce GTX 295 [Source: view picture gallery]
The graphics card sector is updated with a single PCB Geforce GTx 95 and a GTX 285 Mac edition. For the new GTX 295 Evga also presents an appropriate water cooler - so there is most likely to follow a GTX 295 Hydro Copper. The dual-display Interview, which had already been introduced at the penultimate Computex is now supposed to hit the retail market. The two 17 inch displays can be connected independently to one or two PCs. The image is automatically rotated if the display itself is rotated. With the Killer Xeno Pro Evga will offer an alternative to the original Killernic network card.

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Author: Oliver Pusse (Jun 05, 2009)

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