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ArmA 2: Maxed out graphics

The tactical shooter ArmA 2, also known as Armed Assault 2, is quite challenging for the hardware if the video options are set to the max. PC Games Hardware presents some impressive screenshots.
Armed Assault 2: Maxed out graphics (9)
Armed Assault 2: Maxed out graphics (9) [Source: view picture gallery]
In Germany ArmA 2 has been released more than a week ago and caught some attention with incredible hardware requirements (see our article Armed Assault 2: Graphics card benchmarks and visual quality compared). Customers are already selling the game again because it is apparently not running on their systems. Although the first Patch 1.01 for ArmA 2 has already been released for download, the game is still most challenging for the hardware.

Currently a lot of people are angry about the state ArmA 2 has been released in. Furthermore it is interesting to see that the military simulation has been released in Germany (May 29, 2009) three weeks before the game hits the rest of the European markets (June 19, 2009) and even a month before Armed Assault 2 will finally be released in the US.

Regardless of all the drawbacks it is nevertheless possible to reach hardly matched graphics in Armed Assault 2. Screenshot specialist Jay.Gee, about whom we already reported several times, shows, what visual quality can be reached with the Real Virtuality Engine.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Jun 09, 2009)

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