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Thermaltake Level 10: Interior of the design case pictured

At the Computex in Taipei we had a chance to take a look at the interior of Thermaltake's special case that has been designed in cooperation with BMW Group Designworks.
Thermaltake at the Computex 2009 (14)
Thermaltake at the Computex 2009 (14) [Source: view picture gallery]
The Thermaltake Level 10 had been introduced at the Cebit, but it was not allowed to take a look into the aluminum case. At the Computex we now had the chance to check the structure of the Level 10. Motherboard, optical drives, mass storage and power supply unit all have their separate compartments in the Thermaltake case. Each of those boxes can be opened individually. It is enough to pull in the right place and thus unlatch the compartment. The hard drives can be taken out to the front and for better usability are equipped with Hot Swap connectors. The upper two storage devices are cooled by fans hat remove warm air from the PSU compartment. LEDs at the side of each compartment indicate if a hard drive is installed.

Thermaltake at the Computex 2009 (3)
Thermaltake at the Computex 2009 (3) [Source: view picture gallery]
Inside the compartment of the motherboard there are two big fans that provide fresh air and remove heat from the case. In order to preserve the clean look of the Level 10 all cables can be hidden on the backside or in the frame. For this purpose the panel in the rear can be removed.

Thermaltake has developed the Level 10 in cooperation with BMW Group Designworks USA and the case just looks extravagant. But the other features are quite interesting, too: The Level 10 is supposed to hit the markets in late August or early September for 699 USD. Since the case is mainly handcrafted, Thermaltake issued a limitation of less than 1,000 units. And those who might think it will be easy to carry the Thermaltake case singlehanded with the integrated grip should prepare themselves because the Level 10 weights 25 kilograms - empty of course.

In our gallery you can find several pictures of the Level 10 and other products that have been on display at Thermaltake's Computex booth.

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Author: Oliver Pusse (Jun 09, 2009)

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