Interview with Oleg Yavorsky

Stalker Call of Pripyat: Possible DirectX 11 game

Stalker PR guy Oleg Yavorsky gives some detail on DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 support of Stalker Call of Pripyat.
Stalker Call of Pripyat: Possible DirectX 11 game (4)
Stalker Call of Pripyat: Possible DirectX 11 game (4) [Source: view picture gallery]
In a chat with German gaming site PC Games, Oleg Yavorsky talks tech regarding Stalker Call of Pripyat. Here's a snip from the interview. OK! Let's get to your new game. STALKER: Call of Pripyat. You're using the X-Ray Engine 1.6. What are the improvements you made concerning performance, quality and other features? Will the engine be able to handle Direct X 10 or Direct X 11?

Yavorsky: With Call of Pripyat, the engine is DX10-friendly, offering players a number of features such as volumetric sunshafts, dynamic surface wetting and realistic rain effect, volumetric fog. We are continuing the optimization to improve the overall performance. As of DirectX 11 support, we are looking into the technology at the moment to see if we can do the optimization given our time constraints. Such features as antialiasing, the rewritten network module will surely be a welcome feature for the players with X-Ray 1.6. [...] My personal impression is that Call of Pripyat will be the most photo-realistic, and also atmospheric, game in the series. This said, the locations in the game are going to be the biggest in size out of all the three games. Do you already have an exact release-date for Call of Pripyat? And of course what about the official system-requirements? They seem to be a little low. On which machines are you currently running Call of Pripyat?

Yavorsky: No exact ship date so far, but we expect to get the game out this Autumn already. The game should be pretty playable on a machine like:

- Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 / AMD 64 X2 5600+
- 2 GB RAM
- 512 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible card / nVIDIA® GeForce™ 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon® HD 4850
More information about the new Stalker game and Stalker 2 is to be found at

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Jun 15, 2009)

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