Fallout 3 - Companion Mods Part #1

Fallout 3 Companion Mod: Sexy girls, Terminator and Freddy Krueger

The colleagues of Fileplanet offer the Fallout 3 - Companion Mods Part #1 with a collection of interesting companions.
Fallout 3 Companion Mods (25)
Fallout 3 Companion Mods (25) [Source: view picture gallery]
The modding community behind Fallout 3 is still very active. We already reported about the texture mods for Fallout 3 and the Fallout 3 Mod Pack provides better poses, new weapons and more naked skin. The fans of Fallout 3 are constantly creating more modifications.

Fileplanet has now bundled some of these mods in the Fallout 3 - Companion Mods Part #1. The download contains the mods TERMINATOR Cybernetic Dawn Mod, Jessi Companion Mod, TYPE3 Female Body Replacer (WIP) Mod, Mavroshs Facticius Humanus Race Mod and Freddy Mod. All mods can be downloaded separately but you will need a free Fileplanet account at least.

Some of the mod pictures can be found in our gallery. What do you think about the modding community of Fallout 3? Is there a need for mini add-ons at all which you have to pay for? Do you like those mods? Please tell us in the comments.

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Author: Falk Jeromin (Jun 16, 2009)

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