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More than 500 monsters and 3D waves

Quake Wars: Ray Traced - new version with enhanced features

Intel is pushing forward the Quake Wars: Ray Traced project. Ray tracing specialist Daniel Pohl explains the improvements that have been made in latest version.
Quake Wars: Ray Traced (7)
Quake Wars: Ray Traced (7) [Source: view picture gallery]
At the Research@Intel Day new information about Quake Wars: Ray Traced have been published. According to Intel's Daniel Pohl the latest version of the project delivers enhanced support for dynamic objects. Furthermore significant progress has been made in matters of animated objects and thus it is said to be possible to create scenes with more than 500 monsters. Another possible demonstration of the ray tracing capabilities is the simulation of water with three-dimensional waves.

Pohl also explains that the system that is used to run the ray tracing demonstrations has been overhauled and now consists of two Intel Xeon W5580 "Nehalem EP” processors with 3.2 GHz. At a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels this new setup is able to reach about 16 frames per second.

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Author: Kristoffer Keipp (Jun 19, 2009)


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ruyven_macaran Re: Quake Wars: Ray Traced - new version with enhanced features
Super Moderator
20.06.2009 02:48
Don't miss the details:
This is still the low number of quake-polygons and the far-below-crysis-standard textures.
Raytraycing just improves Reflections (especially detailed ones) and lighting - and there are some quite nice effects, that aren't inferior to crysis at all.

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