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Overview: The most important Quake Engine games

14 years of Quake Engine: The famous games with id Technology

On the 22nd of June, id Software's Quake Engine has its 14th birthday. Because of this PC Games Hardware gathered a collection of games based on the different versions of the id Tech Engine.
14 years of Quake Engine: The most famous games with id Technology
14 years of Quake Engine: The most famous games with id Technology [Source: view picture gallery]
Roughly 14 years ago the first game based o the Quake Engine was released. Actually it was called just the same as the engine. On June 22, 1996 id Software and GT Interactive introduced the shooter to the market.

The Quake Engine was the first 3D game engine that used three dimensional figures instead of two dimensional sprites. The whole gameworld based on the Quake Engine consists of three dimensional sprites. Furthermore Lightmaps and dynamic light sources are used instead of static lighting.

Among others one of the milestones of gaming history is based on the Quake Engine: Half-Life (dt.) and its multiplayer modification Counter-Strike, which even after a decade is still one of the most popular games played online. This can also be related to id Software's 1996er game: The shooter wasn't just pathbreaking in matters of technology but also made multiplayer games via LAN or Internet as popular as never before.

The developers of the Quake Engine, id Software, made a big part of the turnover by licensing the engines which had initially been developed for their own games. Id themselves sort their engines into the schema id Tech 2 to 5. While current development Rage is based on the id Tech 5 Engine, Doom 3 for example has been realized with the id Tech 4. Id Software's most famous developer is John Carmack, Chief Developer of the id engines and the counterpart to Epic's Tim Sweeney.

Since many games that are based on the id Tech Engines are banned in Germany (where our servers and company are located) the collection of games below is rather compact. We nevertheless hope that you will have some fun taking a look at the pictures. Of course we can't claim this compilation to be complete and it definitely is subjective. The Half-Life branch was left out on purpose.

You miss a certain game? Then tell us in the comments, but bear in mind that many id Tech based games are banned in Germany. Furthermore you might want to check out our articles PCGH Special: Doom 3 Engine maxed out and 11 years of Unreal Engine: The most popular games.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Jun 25, 2010)


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Ar.Pi Re: 14 years of Quake Engine: The famous games with id Technology
Senior Member
23.06.2009 02:02
I wonder is these censorship is done in order not to "revive" or encourage anything related to nzism or something else?

This is a bit off topic (and i hope not to step on any mines here), but, ruyven, do you know why, exactly this all censorship is done? (in relations to WWII ****sm games that is).
ruyven_macaran Re: 14 years of Quake Engine: The famous games with id Technology
Super Moderator
23.06.2009 01:43
The old one is banned as well (actually I just had to check wiki, just to know, what you are talking about). Most modern WW2 shooters either completely skip the national-sozialistic-motives (not user in battle anyway), or there are special editions for germany with changed symbols (and storyline. For example the german edition of "Return to Castle ***********" features the "Wolfclan" as opposing fraction and all swastikas have been replaced. The Game got "indiziert" anyway - but because of exzessive violence. So you are allowed to trade it, but only on request / no advertising or open presentation are allowed)
Ar.Pi Re: 14 years of Quake Engine: The famous games with id Technology
Senior Member
22.06.2009 23:49
Quote: (Originally Posted by ruyven_macaran)
The Game, you wanted to mention, is actually not just on the "Index" in Germany (meaning: it would be forbidden to advertise or sell it openly or anything else, that might count as "promoting" - as is often the case with games of a high degree of violence), but strictly forbidden as itself (afaik, you aren't even allowed to own it, even less to mention it in public). Reason being: The Game makes extended use of ****-motives. And for obvious reasons, the german government has a very strict opinion by whom and how these might be used - and "non-critizising, mindless, violence-promoting entertainment products" aren't on this list .

Now that Family Guy episode sounds even funnier :P (dunno if i can post a link here to it :/).

So why MoH games were not banned? (or any other game with nzi relations, guess it needs to reach a certain limit eh?). what about the old Wolfnstein? is that banned too?

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