New game from Splash Damage

Brink: Revolutionary First Person Shooter coming in 2010

Apart from the big announcements at the E3, splash Damage introduced the new FPS Brink. PC Games Hardware got some background information and screenshots of the shooter that is created by the makers of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.
Brink: Screenshots des Shooters (7)
Brink: Screenshots des Shooters (7) [Source: view picture gallery]
The English development studio Splash Damage (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars) is working on Brink, an exceptional FPS game. But Brink is more than a shooter. Similar to Borderlands the player can have the character develop in a certain direction. Furthermore there always is the option to select a mission that allows you to change class without dying. Two stories and a clever path finding that prevents you from falling of ladders improve the game even more. As a nice gimmick many voice actors are talking with different dialects. Besides a single-player mode Brink also offers multiplayer matches and a coop-mode. The experience points earned can be invested into new extras like weapons or clothes.

But Brink also wants to offer innovative controls. Besides the classical WASD there is SMART - Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain. This means that the player can go to a certain point without too much mouse movements. If the player for example wants to crawl beneath a truck, it is enough to look into the correct direction with activated SMART and then the character is guides to the target location on semi-automatic.

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In Brink the player is an inhabitant of an ark that consists of hundreds of flying islands. But the new civilization is on the brink of a civil war and it is the player's task to decide the future of Brink. The world of the game remembers of Fallout 3 or Borderlands - and Mad Max of course. In matters of graphics Splash Damage bets on a proprietary development for PC and PS3/Xbox 360 which is called Virtual Texturing. This piece of technology is said to be able to deliver detailed characters and realistic environments - the screenshots in our gallery look quite promising already. Splash Damage also announced that the PC version of Brink will use dedicated servers instead of P2P connections.

Brink is supposed to be released in spring 2010 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (Games for Windows). For more material see the Brink website.

Author: Thilo Bayer (Jun 23, 2009)

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