Doubled VRAM

Zotac introduces Geforce GTX 275 with 1,792 MB VRAM

Zotac has announced a Geforce GTX 275 with doubled amount of VRAM.
Zotac GeForce GTX 275 1792MB (8)
Zotac GeForce GTX 275 1792MB (8) [Source: view picture gallery]

Graphics card specialist Zotac has announced a Geforce GTX 275 with twice as much video memory as used on Nvidia's reference design. Below you can see the feature highlights:
• Nvidia Geforce GTX 275 graphics processors
• 240 Streaming Processors
• Core frequency: 633 MHz
• Shader frequency: 1,404 MHz
• 1,792 MB GDDR3
• Memory frequency: 1,134 MHz
• 448 Bit memory interface
• 2x Dual-Link DVI with HDCP support
• PCI-Express 2.0
• Race Driver Grid and 3D Mark Vantage Advanced Edition Bundle
In our gallery you can find some pictures of the card. Currently online shops list the Zotac Geforce GTX 275 1792 MB for about 240 Euros.

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Author: Mario Riemann (Jun 24, 2009)

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