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Core i3, Core i5, Lynnfield: Intel interviewed

In mid-June Intel has announced the first details on the new Core brand names (Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7) that will classify current and future Intel CPUs. In order to clarify some more details PC Games Hardware has asked Intel about the new concept.
Core i3, Core i5, Lynnfield: Klaus Obermaier from Intel Germany answers questions.
Core i3, Core i5, Lynnfield: Klaus Obermaier from Intel Germany answers questions. [Source: view picture gallery]
The big restructuring of the names for Intel's processors has caused mixed feedback. While the clear classification in Core families promises a higher clarity, many detail questions have not been answered by the material that has been released up to now. Therefore PC Games Hardware has asked Intel some questions and received some interesting answers from Klaus Obermaier, Head of Marketing & Communications at Intel Germany.

When we asked, why Intel decided to offer several processor series for different sockets by the name of Core i7 and if that wouldn't be a little confusing, Mr. Obermaier told us that the Intel brand names haven't been and will not be related to the socket. If someone builds a PC, different pieces of information are needed and the type of the socket is just one of those details. The reorganization of the brand names is supposed to help the customer decide which PC fits one own's requirements. Intel thinks that advanced users who build their system themselves know very well where to find the necessary technical information, including which socket fits onto which motherboard and which CPU is compatible.

Furthermore the new naming does not indicate the CPU's number of cores. Technical details can e found on retail boxes and on Intel's website. Customers will receive those details via the processor number that will be, as it is already the case at the moment, attached to the brand name. Unfortunately Klaus Obermaier wasn't able to tell us more about when the first Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs will hit the market and how much they will cost.

The Intel Core processors are Intel highest-end products and the goal of the brand reorganization is to reduce or end the confusion about the name Intel Core and the related multitude of brands. Since there is less confusion about Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium there is no need for Intel to include those names in the reorganization.

Klaus Obermaier also told us that new information about the platform of Sandy Bridge and forthcoming processors will be released at a later time. But the latter details will be unveiled in =3 2009 and thus the Intel employee asks for a little patience.

If you want t know more about Intel Core i3 and Core i5 see our article Intel: Core i5 and Core i3 officially introduced. Furthermore you might want to check on the rumors about the Core i9. The full interview (German language!) with Klaus Obermaier can be found on our German website.

Author: Thilo Bayer (Jun 26, 2009)

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