New chips by AMD

AMD: First details about the new chipsets RD890 and RS880D sighted

AMD is working on two new chipsets and southbridges - now motherboard manufacturers have apparently leaked first details.
AMD‘s 700 series chipsets have been in use for quite a while and the direct successor of the 800 series will follow no sooner than 2010. According to first test samples are said to roll off the assembly line next week which will be delivered to the manufacturers.

The RD890 chipset, which will probably be marketed as 890FX, is said to have a power loss of 18 Watt only and it will optionally support two graphics cards with 16 lanes each or four cards with eight lanes each. Furthermore it offers six PCI-E 1x slots, one PCI-E 4x slot and Hypertransport 3.0.

The features of the new chipsets are as follows:
Features of the new chipsets
Features of the new chipsets [Source: view picture gallery]

This information has not been confirmed yet but HKEPC Hardware and allegedly got the details directly from the motherboard manufacturers.

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Author: Mario Riemann (Jul 03, 2009)

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