NZXT offers a new PC case

NZXT M59: New case introduced

The American case specialists at NZXT introduce a new PC chassis with a black interior. The M59 is supposed to convince with an exceptional design and other features.
NZXT M59 [Source: view picture gallery]
NZXT has given the M59 a quite exceptional front that is not straight and regular but got an angled design. The upper end bears a little resemblance to Dell's XPS. The M59 has LEDs that illuminate the optical drive bays. While the case itself is made of SECC steel the front is made of plastic - another material wouldn't have been possible because of the form.

As it has been the case in the Panerbox and the Beta, the interior of the M59 is all black. The power supply unit is placed on the floor while hard drives and optical drives are placed in the usual slide-in fastening. The hard drive frame can now hold 2.5 inch HDDs or SSDs, too. Up to five e storage devices can be placed in the HDD cage. Two additional drives can be put into the 3.5 inch bays. Furthermore the M59 offers four 5.25 inch drive bays.

The M59 is shipped with two 120 millimeter fans in the rear and in the side panel. The latter one also offers a window, which isn't completely clear but is made of plexiglass with a slightly black tinting. The rear fan does not offer lighting effects, but the side fan is equipped with blue LEDs. Additional fans can be installed in the lid (2x 140 mm) and the front.

The motherboard tray has an opening in the area of the CPU socket which makes it possible to install or remove the CPU cooler without having to remove the motherboard itself. The tray also offers several opening that can be used to put the cables out of sight.

The price of the NZXT M59 is also worth looking at since the case is said to be offered for about 60 Euros. When the chassis will hit the market has not been revealed, but we expect that it will become available at the end of this month.

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Author: Oliver Pusse (Jul 06, 2009)

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