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FIFA 10: PC vs. Console - Graphics comparison

FIFA 10 will have the same visual quality as FIFA 09. EA decided to take this step because on average the hardware isn't able to handle better graphics. Console players on the other hand can hope for increased visual quality. PC games Hardware checks the difference.
FIFA 10 [Source: view picture gallery]
PC gamers haven't been very happy to hear that the PC version of FIFA 10 won't be visually enhanced. EA will offer the same graphics that have been used in FIFA 09. The console version on the other hand the visual quality has been adjusted and the overall presentation was improved.

That EA would take this step began to show weeks ago. The publisher justified the decision by noting that the average PC hardware isn't everywhere on a level as high as it is in Europe for example. FIFA 10 is sold in South American countries and there the average hardware equipment of the players is said to be of noticeably lower performance. In order to make the PC version available to as many players as possible it is not visually enhanced. The console graphics on the other hand can be adjusted because every gamer has the same hardware.

Now one question arises: How big are the visual differences between FIFA 10 for the PC and FIFA 10 for the next gen consoles Xbox 360 and PS3? PC Games Hardware compares gameplay screenshots of the two versions.

FIFA 10 is said to offer fundamental improvements in matter of gameplay - especially the response time and the intelligence. EA also wants to extend the Manager Mode with more than 50 improvements.

FIFA 10 is developed by EA Canada in Vancouver and will be released for PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, PSP and mobile phones in fall 2009.

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Author: Andreas Link (Jul 15, 2009)


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Ar.Pi Re: FIFA 10: PC vs. Console - Graphics comparison
Senior Member
09.10.2009 02:08

This game is just the same as Fifa 09, with some minor menu tweaks, it is a sub-par product but perhaps more alarmingly is EA and Amazons use of the screenshots and videos that appear on this page, be warned this is not representive of the PC version of this game, it is not Next Gen at all. and i personally think Amazon should remove these images and videos from the PC version page, it is flagrant false advertising, it is false information

oh my. Its almost the same stunt Activion pulled with Spiderman 2 for PC.

I wonder if the screenshots on the box are also from console - that will be a new low.

Here's a fun fact: Walcott was removed from the PC box art cover. I guess EA thought that PC is too slow for him
Ar.Pi Re: FIFA 10: PC vs. Console - Graphics comparison
Senior Member
23.09.2009 18:55
Quote: (Originally Posted by TT3000)
correct me if i am wrong but isnt pc supposed to be as flexible as possible when setting a game?
for example me and my friend can play the same game on the pc but he has a slower pc
but all he has to do is turn down the options such as AA and resolution.
but if i had the more expensive hardware i still have the options to turn up the vissuals and experience the game as i want to.
i dont think they did it because they care about those pc gamers that cant afford better hardware.............i think they didnt increase the graphics because its more work and they dont care if you bought the pc version or not because they main target is the consoles.
But they tryd soooo hard to cover it up by stating they wanted it to be compatable to every one (sad)
my comment to the developers is this "stop creating shity games for PC and just yourself some money and time and dont bother creating crap games like this" thank you for reading....please comment

Its obvious that the dumbasses are not stupid (ooh a contradiction).

They know what PC is. They obviously don't want to waste any time on the platform because they know that the main buck they will do from Consoles. They do PC for kids or clueless people or the hardcore fans (which prolly isnt there anymore). They do it just to make some extra dollar without throwing too much money on developing a good game or at least a good port.

So their PR only left with, is making crappy excuses that some EA/FIFA fans (surprisingly, there are still?) are buying.
Ar.Pi Re: FIFA 10: PC vs. Console - Graphics comparison
Senior Member
09.08.2009 22:06
Quote: (Originally Posted by EA.MS.S*ck)
The sad part is that this $h!t still sells year after year on PC.


I don't know anyone (and can't imagine) that will buy this game if you follow or a fan of footy games. The only ppl that can buy this is small kids and ppl who have no clue.

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