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Arma2 in perfection

ArmA 2: Great textures and character models

The military simulation ArmA 2 offers great graphics - besides helicopters and planes the character models and some textures are looking quite good, too. PC Games Hardware presents some worth seeing screenshots.
On July 20 ArmA 2 will finally hit the markets in North America. In Europe the military simulation had already been published weeks ago. The high system requirements for high graphics settings might be alarming for some users, but they also have a good side: On screenshots characters and textures look amazing when ArmA 2 is running at high video settings. User Jay.Gee took new screenshots that we don't want to keep from you. If you are interested in what the game can look like you should also take a look at ArmA 2: Maxed out fighter planes and helicopters.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Only recently the North American publisher for ArmA 2 has been announced. The game is based on the third generation of the Real Virtuality Engine. The DirectX 9 renderer is able to get even high-end graphics cards to their knees (ArmA 2: Graphics card benchmarks and visual quality compared), but also benefits from multi-core CPUs - as we have been able to confirm already.

Author: Thilo Bayer (Jul 15, 2009)


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Yapa Re: ArmA 2: Great textures and character models
Senior Member
15.07.2009 18:33
I'm picking my copy up tomorrow but wont get a chance to play until Sunday night!

Been playing the demo since it came out, its a very good game but I dont think its looks THAT great.

Well I admit it looks very good, but the graphics in my opinion do not justify the BAD performance everyone is getting.

As you say... the game can bring any PC to its knee's... but it does this not only through nice graphics, but through an unoptimised engine!


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