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Release on September 18, 2009

Resident Evil 5: PC vs. Xbox 360 and DirectX 9 vs. DirectX 10 - graphics comparison [Top article of July 2009]

Capcom has released an unplayable benchmark demo of Resident Evil 5. The game supports DirectX 9 and DirectX 10. PC Games Hardware compares the graphics of the PC and the Xbox 360 version.
2009 is coming to an end and PC Games Hardware takes a look at the past year. What caught the attention of our users and the people on the web? To answer this question we checked our statistics and searched for the most popular articles of the year. Today we want to reveal the most popular article of June 2009. This comparison of the different versions and DirectX modes of Resident Evil 5 wasn't only the top article of July, but even the most popular article of the whole year.

Original article:
Resident Evil 5: What is this man telling us?
Resident Evil 5: What is this man telling us? [Source: view picture gallery]

Yesterday Capcom officially introduced the release date of the Resident Evil 5 PC version and offered a benchmark demo that supports DirectX 9 and DirectX 10. So now the questions arise: Does DirectX 10 look better than DirectX 9? Is the game running faster on DirectX 10? We have the answer.

Resident Evil 5: DirectX 9 versus DirectX 10
As you can see on the comparative pictures below the two versions look quite similar. DirectX 10 might be a little sharper, but that's a matter of taste. Furthermore the DirectX 10 mode is slightly brighter and seems to have better texture streaming. You might have noticed that Resident Evil 5 has a random zombie pool: The color of the skin and the clothes are changing with each run of the benchmark.

We are still running benchmarks and therefore we cannot say which of the two DirectX modes is faster. The results we have gathered up to now don't show significant differences. We are running tests on several Radeon and Geforce graphics cards. The final results will be published as soon as possible.

Resident Evil 5: PC versus Xbox 360
A comparison between the PC version and the Console variant of Resident Evil 5 (in our case the Xbox 360 version) is most interesting for sure, but hard to realize. The problem is: We only have access to screenshots delivered by the publisher which might be refurbished, as well as screenshots that have taken by our colleagues at with their developer console and which tend to be a little blurred. Therefore we decided to create our comparisons with pictures from a cut scene with in-game graphics.

Click to select platform

Click to select platform

It is most obvious that the Xbox 360 version (Original: 1,280 x 720 - bicubic resizing with sharpening to 650 pixel width with Photoshop) contains a lot more horizontal visual data than the PC version (Original: 1,920 x 1,200 - bicubic resizing with sharpening to 650 pixel width with Photoshop). But the PC screenshots offer more height. The different aspect ratios of the PC (16:10) and the console (16:9) might not be the reason for this though. At this point we have to note that it was necessary to increase the pillar boxes of the Xbox 360 shots in order to get the same height.

So there aren't huge differences between the PC and the Xnox 360 version of Resident Evil 5, but given the minimal differences between the DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 render path this is not very surprising. The better Anti Aliasing and the higher screen resolution of the PC version nevertheless create feeling of increased sharpness - although this is definitely a subjective experience. Both versions suffer from tearing problems. Out colleagues from Videogameszone also meant that some detail textures of the PC version look slightly better, but this also is a matter of taste. Given the mentioned technical problems an element of risk remains that our comparison does not match the final visuals.

Resident Evil 5: Benchmark download
The benchmark demo of Resident Evil 5 can be downloaded from

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Author: Andreas Link (Dec 29, 2009)


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Tunchy Re: Resident Evil 5: PC vs. Xbox 360 and DirectX 9 vs. DirectX 10 - graphics comparison [Top article of July 2009]
Senior Member
28.07.2009 18:54
TheNetAvenger , we all have seen these games on Xbox 360:

- ETQWars and Battlefield 2, half numbers of players on the console.

- Since Oblivion´s (which looks like Halo 2 on xbox) to Fallout 3.
- FEAR 2, ***********; DIRT 1 & 2 abd Batman AA on consoles. (top 30 fps, nearly 20 FPS in game)

Dx 9 = Xbox 360. Microsoft said in its time (where did you where?) that Xbox 360 couldn´t used Dx 10.

So if after all "The PC is dying" crap, it is a pitty that Capcom´s Games on PC since FIRTS Lost Planet are cheaper and not limited to 1080p as in consoles.

And after your "xb0x 360 propaganda", tell me:

- If you like FPS, besides Halo 3 and another Halo....what more? Exclusive? None.
- RTS ? Besides Halo Wars, less that in PC, worst ported and none of them with editor. Cool!
- Graphic Adventures? it is pitty to see until Lucast Arts speaks of its remake (for making money on Live: we all have seen how they sell Duke Nukem or Doom To KIDS on the console. This games, are for free now)
- Flying Simulators? Nope until TC Hawx, but that is not a civil flight simulator.
- RPG from Occident on PS3? Risen, Divinty 2, The Witcher.... NO as always on playstation, RGP = annoying Japan RPG (some people in PC knows very well PS2 RPG cataloge. Same on 3)

So bad publicity for a console which I had seen how bad runs Oblivion to Fallout 3 (textures, long times of charge, popping (Morrowind worse on Xbox and Oblivion, no? )

We don´t want the limitation of consoles: 1080p, and ITS bazar. An only place where there are only ONE PRICE for games.

So go and take you cheap consoles publicity and meanwhile, get informed a little bit, dude.

Xbox 360 has been 5 years and now Nadal its like in Ps2 "a way to expand console´s life when It has no much graphic power to offer". (Did you really played Oblivion, FEAR 2 o Fallout 3 on Xbox 360? )

Or are you the tipical Xboxer fanboy which still defendes that "Doom3, Operation Flashpoint, Halfl Life 2 and Morrowind are still better on the Xbox".

Get ready for the going down of the console: With this RAM & VRAM, it has no much multiplatform quality to offer.

Too much teenager on videoconsoles.
pcghx_Marc Re: Resident Evil 5: PC vs. Xbox 360 and DirectX 9 vs. DirectX 10 - graphics comparison [Top article of July 2009]
PCGH Editor
20.07.2009 11:33
[QUOTE=gs01]I want to see the benchmarks, a lot of people seem to have much better results on nvidia hardware.
Today we are going to publish a lot of graphics card benchmarks (11 cards, 3 resolutions and DX9/DX10), tomorrow cpu benchmarks (20 cpus). Stay tuned.

Here we go =) *LINK*
harshahorizon Re: Resident Evil 5: PC vs. Xbox 360 and DirectX 9 vs. DirectX 10 - graphics comparison [Top article of July 2009]
Senior Member
19.07.2009 20:09
Quote: (Originally Posted by TheNetAvenger)
Meaningless review?

First as most hybrid DX9/DX10 titles that run on the PC are basically DX9 games with DX10 lighting and a few high resolution DX10 textures throw into the game. They are not running on a full DX10 game engine that supports all the DX10 optimizations, as this would make the game unplayable on WindowsXP.

Also comparing an XBox 360 title to the PC is also dealing with many things that don't make it easy to compare.

The features of the XBox 360 are effectively DX11, depending on how the game was developed, if it uses more true DX10 and DX11 optimizations on the XBox 360, they are going to get better performance out the XBox title even on its 'lower' end hard in comparison to what PC processing exists today.

*(DX10 was suppose to be equal to the XBox 360 platform feature set, but NVidia shoved back at the original DX10 requirements, as their 8xxx series cards would not have been DX10 capable. DX11 with Win7 is where Microsoft took a stand and is forcing the DX11 specifications that many are as old as the XBox 360 to the PC platform, no matter what NVidia or even ATI has to say about it.)

So you need more information on the game and the engine...
Does the RE5 XBox title run on a DX11 optimized XBox 360 platform? If so this is going to give the XBox 360 advantages the DX9 based PC version just will not have.

What DX10 features are used on the PC title, is there any low level optimizations that increase performance or just the 'visual' add-ons that many games claiming to be DX10 use? If not, it is a DX9 game that can be slightly prettier depending on the textures in the scene.

Maybe it is time for a PC Gaming Hardware site to understand these aspects and find these types of answers when breakind down games and gaming technology...


Are u form planet kriptone or something....................those gay boxes based of DX 9 and reason u dont see any difference is this game just run on DX10 and not utilizing any real DX 10 effects.

Other thing i like to talk about is, form now on any game that delay its pc version release moer than a week im going to bionic commando is first one in the list then this game and followed by red faction............look how u guys(game developers) cerate pirates.

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