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Velvet Assassin makers are broke: Replay Studios are closing down

The Replay Studios are closing down. This has been confirmed by a former team member. Rumors about the makers of velvet Assassin had been around since the weekend.
Screenshots of Velvet Assassin (18)
Screenshots of Velvet Assassin (18) [Source: view picture gallery]
Only some weeks ago the Replay Studios finished their long-term project Velvet Assassin, now the studio has to file for bankruptcy. According to a report at this has been confirmed by former employee. A blog post at also makes it unmistakably clear that the studio from Hamburg, Germany teeters on the brink of collapse.

The studio apparently won't be on site at the Gamescom entertainment expo, although only the previous week it was announced that the Replay Studios would go to Cologne. Thus the Replay Studios are the next development team that has to close down within a few weeks. Ascaron's Studio 2 for example had announced to shut down after Sacred 2: Blood and Ice has been completed.

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Author: Andreas Link (Aug 05, 2009)

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