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Roccat Arvo: Compact gaming keyboard - first preview

In October Roccat wants to introduce the Arvo. The new gaming keyboard is supposed to convince with a compact design, low prices and macro keys.
Roccat Arvo: Together with the Roccat Kova (right side) and the USB hub with mouse bungee Roccat Apuri (background)
Roccat Arvo: Together with the Roccat Kova (right side) and the USB hub with mouse bungee Roccat Apuri (background) [Source: view picture gallery]
After Roccat has launched the Valo, there will be new products in fall. The gaming keyboard Roccat Arvo is supposed to hit the markets in October for 59 Euros.

The design of the Arvo is compact because Roccat cut the middle key block with the arrow and control keys. The numerical block has been redesigned to compensate the loss of the arrow keys. The Arvo offers a gaming mode that allows the customer to use some of the numerical keys as arrow keys.

All in all there are five programmable keys which are arranged as efficient as possible. Three of them are located blow the space bar and are supposed to be operated with the thumb - accordingly they are called Thumbster Keys. During our hands-on tests those additional buttons worked surprisingly well and gamers using WASD for playing definitely can definitely get an advantage from them. The other two programmable keys are the ones right next to the arrow keys on the numerical block. The arrow keys, the programmable keys and the mode switcher are illuminated in blue.

The software for programming the macro keys is easy to use, but doesn't offer an in-game on-the-fly recording option. During a presentation the thumb macro keys were assigned with an item timer for Quake Live and the software also delivered a countdown voice file for the quad and other items. So pressing the button triggers an acoustic feedback and a countdown for the last 10 seconds of the boost duration.

The stability and slip resistance of the Roccat Arvo were surprisingly good in our hands-on test. With an integrated metal plate the Arvo is more solid than many other compact keyboards and rubber feet also provide a firm footing on smooth surfaces. Furthermore the keystroke and pressure point of the Arvo were quite good and left a positive mark.

We are anxious to see the final retail keyboard and will deliver a full review as soon as possible. Until then you might want to take a look at our review of the Roccat Valo, the company's first and recently launched gaming keyboard.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Aug 05, 2009)

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