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Logitech G500 hands-on test

Just recently Logitech announced the G500 Laser Mouse. PC Games Hardware already got the new device and delivers a hands-on test.
Logitech G500 hands-on (1)
Logitech G500 hands-on (1) [Source: view picture gallery]
A few days ago Logitech announced the G500 Laser Mouse and the G330 headset. Now PC Games Hardware already received a sample of the new gaming mouse and delivers the first impressions.

Logitech G500 hands-on:
On first sight the G500 looks a lot like the G5. But although both mice have almost the same size, there are several fine differences. The thumb rest of the G500 is a little wider than the one of the G5. Furthermore the buttons for adjusting the dpi have been moved from behind the scroll wheel to the left side of the primary mouse button and thus are operated with the index finger instead of the middle finger. Their old position holds a new button that lets you choose between the two modes of the scroll wheel - you can either use a frictionless mode for fast scrolling or a more precise mode intended for gaming. But in our hands-on test we noticed that the "firm” mode of the scroll wheel isn't as well defined as the mouse wheel of the G5 or the MX 518. Instead of two there are now three buttons on the side (above the thumb rest) of the G500.

The G500 also offers the option to adjust the handling by adding up to six weights to the mouse. All in all six weights with 4.5 grams and six weights with 1.7 grams are available. The material the mouse is made of influences the handling, too. While the top cover is smooth, the sides are a little rougher and offer more grip.

According to Logitech all buttons can be programmed with the software. Unfortunately we don't have the final Setpoint for the G500, yet, but as soon as we received it, we will of course test the software and the features it offers.

Conclusion: From what we have seen and experienced up to now, the G500 is a good gaming mouse and an adequate refresh for the G5. The programmable buttons can be a valuable benefit. Nevertheless it will depend on one's own taste if the G500 is worth the recommended retail price of about 70 USD.

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Author: Kristoffer Keipp (Aug 12, 2009)

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