Germany is leading in European video games sales

According to the latest figures for Europe, released by the market research institution Media Control, Germany has taken the lead in console game sales.
Microsoft's Xbox 360 is the only console that didn't suffer from a big decline in sales.
Microsoft's Xbox 360 is the only console that didn't suffer from a big decline in sales. [Source: view picture gallery]
The market research institution Media control has released new figures for the European console gaming market. While Great Britain has usually been leading the charts in recent surveys, the first place has been taken by Germany this time.

In Europe Germany had already been the most important market for PC games for many years, while Great Britain had been leading the console related sales. According to Media Control Germany is now - based on the first six months of 2009 - first among the console games, too. The British sales have dropped by about 20 percent while the Germany market stayed stable. A possible reason for this could be the missing of real blockbusters on the British market. In Great Britain sales are said to depend on fewer and thus more important tiles than in Germany.

More surprises among the European console sales figures have not been noted. Some countries had to suffer a decline in numbers and others stayed on a constant level, like Germany, Belgium or Italy. Only Portugal experienced a huge increase in numbers: 16 percent more games sold and revenue plus of eleven percent.

Even in comparison to the American markets the European sales aren't looking too bad. In July the industry had to face a decline of 29 percent in comparison to July 2008. Software related revenue dropped by about 26 percent and hardware sales even by 37 percent. Especially the heavy decline of sold units of current consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Sony's Playstation 3 affects the latest figures of the NPD Group. Only Microsoft can be a little relieved since the sales of the Xbox 360 decreased only a little.

Author: Esther Marsch (Aug 19, 2009)

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