Casemods at the Gamescom

The craziest casemods at the Gamescom: From Spongebob, cheese, grills and even sofas

At the German trade show Gamescom PCGHX-User D!str(+)yer discovered very special casemods. In our picture gallery you will find the craziest PC systems.
The craziest casemods at the Gamescom (8)
The craziest casemods at the Gamescom (8) [Source: view picture gallery]
In hall 9 of the Gamescom the final round of the German Casemod Contest took place yesterday. After visitors could see live modding contests during the first days the winners were nominated last night. 60 candidates presented their best casemods, casecons and CE mods.

On Saturday our PCGHX-User D!str(+)yer visited hall 9 and took some photos of the hottest possible DCMM winners. We chose 16 casemods which are especially crazy and present them in our gallery. Among them is a cheese PC, a sofa with an integrated PC as well as systems that have been built into grills and car tires.

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Background: DCMM
The German Casemod Contest had the following categories:
• Casemods: modified series casemods
• Casecons (case construction): completely new designed and mounted cases
• CE mods (consumer electronic modification): no computers but modified electrical devices from DVD players to toasters
• 24 hrs Live Modding Challenge: During the first days four teams à two persons made a live modding contest. Eight hours a day they could work on their cases.

Author: Waadt, Pusse (Aug 24, 2009)

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