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Nvidia presents platform "Power of 3" with Lynnfield CPU, P55 motherboard and Geforce graphics card against AMD's Dragon

Nvidia actively advertises Lynnfield CPUs (Core i5/i7) and P55 motherboards in combination with a Geforce graphics card. Via telephone conference with our German colleagues, Nvidia has introduced its platform "Power of 3” as an alternative to AMD's Dragon platform (Phenom II, 7xx chipset, Radeon card).
Nvidia presentation: Power of 3 (2)
Nvidia presentation: Power of 3 (2) [Source: view picture gallery]

Only a couple of months ago Intel and Nvidia were in heavy conflicts with each other (see Nvidia versus Intel: Nvidia files lawsuit against Intel).

Now Nvidia seems to be forgiving and announced the platform "Power of 3” which will combine Intel's new Lynnfield processors with a P55 motherboard and a Geforce graphics card. Nvidia sees the strength of the platform in supporting Physx effects and in the 3D technology 3D Vision. Pictures of the Nvidia presentation can be found in our gallery. It shows some examples for Physx and 3D Vision-capable games such as Batman Arkham Asylum. Furthermore Nvidia emphasizes the low price since Lynnfield processors (socket 1156) feature a similar gaming performance to Bloomfield CPUs (socket 1366) which cost a lot more.

An additional innovation is the logo "Physx ready". This logo will be on boards which offer a second graphics slot with at least four PCI Express lanes and which are therefore suitable for an additional Geforce graphics card.

All Lynnfield processors offer eight PCI-E 2.0 lanes for each of the two graphics cards (one PCI-E controller is in the CPU). Motherboards featuring the additional Nvidia chip NF 200 SLI will also be suitable for 3-way SLI. 16 lanes will then be provided for the first card and eight lanes for each of the two other graphics cards. P55 motherboards with NF200 SLI chip and 2x 16 lanes will be rare, though. According to Nvidia the performance of the 3-way SLI mode is only slightly different to the one of a socket 1366 system with X58 chipset.

Besides, the Nvidia spokesman said that there won't be any new motherboard chipsets without integrated graphics in the foreseeable future.

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Author: Daniel Möllendorf (Aug 27, 2009)

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