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First details of AMD's Dragon successor Leo sighted

Will AMD's Leo, the successor of the Dragon platform, be the first choice of high-end users in 2010?
Dragon versus Leo
Dragon versus Leo [Source: view picture gallery]
AMD's current Dragon platform is a combination of Phenom II CPU, AMD 790GX/FX Northbridge and SB750 Southbridge as well as graphics cards from the Radeon HD 4000 series and either DDR2 or DDR3 memory.

Now the first details of the successor with the codename Leo have emerged at vr-zone. According to the report AMD plans to introduce the new platform in April 2010. The following components are said to be part of Leo:
• Phenom II multi-core processor in 45 nanometers (AM3)
• AMD 890GX/FX Northbridge and SB850 Southbridge
• DDR3 memory
• DirectX 11 graphics card of the Helmlock or Cypress families (Radeon HD 5800)
Furthermore the new Leo platform is said to deliver enhanced Crossfire performance, Ati Stream and OpenCL support. Next generation Hybrid Corssfire, AMD Fusion II with Overdrive and Black Edition memory profiles are also expected. Furthermore it is suspected that USB 3.0 and SATA with 6 GBit are supported, too.

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Author: Mario Riemann (Sep 02, 2009)

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