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Special: 10 discontinued games that we would have liked to play

Many a game has been discarded when publishers tightened their belts. PC Games Hardware introduces ten discontinued titles that should definitely have been made in our opinion.

Just like on any other market the video game sector is based on the principle of profit-making. Thus it is not surprising, that the development of many promising games has been stopped. There are a lot of reasons for those decisions: The most common causes are nevertheless financial or technical problems. Games are also discontinued because the (independent) development studio is bankrupt and no other publisher was to take the project.

PC Games Hardware rummaged through the archives and introduces ten games which had a lot of potential but had been cut by the publisher in the end. Some of the titles might have become a blockbuster or could have introduced a new gameplay experience. Among the games we listed are Warcraft Adventures, Fallout 3 (Original), dungeon Keeper 3, Starcraft Ghost and of course Duke Nukem Forever.

Which game do you miss in our assembly? Tell us in the comments if there are games that you would have bought if they had ever hit the market.

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Author: Mario Riemann (Sep 03, 2009)

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