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WoW versus Aion: Graphics comparison of the MMORPGs

With Aion NCSoft is going to introduce a new rival for World of Warcraft soon. The current open beta phase of Aion is accessible for all gamers who pre-ordered the game - therefore PC Games Hardware assembled a graphics comparison between Aion and WoW.
Aion: Graphics comparison with World of Warcraft
Aion: Graphics comparison with World of Warcraft [Source: view picture gallery]
On the occasion of the open beta phase and the forthcoming release of Aion: The Tower of Eternity PC Games Hardware took a look at the game and its established competitor World of Warcraft. The result is comparison of the graphics quality - primarily of the trees, water and characters as well as ground textures, stones and animals. Thus you can see what Aion has to offer in comparison to WoW.

In both game we used maximal details for our screenshots. In Aion we played for the Elysea in Poeta and in WoW for the Alliance in the Howling Fjord.

Water: Click to select the game

Trees: Click to select the game

Characters: Click to select the game

Ground textures: Click to select the game

Stones: Click to select the game

Animals: Click to select the game

The first visual impression of Aion is impressive -due to the Cryengine 1. Aion offers a huge richness of detail and the character creation delivers a lot of options - thus it might be unlikely that you will encounter virtual twins. In matters of graphics the new Aion wins, as expected, the comparison with WoW. But gaming is not all about the graphics; a MMORPG has to offer more than just the looks. It will take at least weeks if not months before a final conclusion for this competition between WoW and Aion can be drawn. Furthermore Blizzard will introduce a big graphics update to WoW with the third add-on Cataclysm - we will keep you up-to-date. PC Games Hardware also got the Aion system requirements. If you want to know more abut the echnical background of Aion, take a look at our interview with the producer Brain Knox.

What do you think about the visual differences between Aion and Wow? Give your opinion in the comments.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Author: Mario Riemann (Sep 08, 2009)


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Acantee09 WoW versus Aion Graphics comparison of the MMORPGs
30.12.2009 14:56
I know And its a persons decicion to like what they want to like. I absolutely HATE it when people say 'Oh, you cant watch this movie because its bad.' Well, movie revews are the custermers choice.
Ar.Pi Re: WoW versus Aion: Graphics comparison of the MMORPGs
Senior Member
13.09.2009 03:24
ehmz, when did WoW became a benchmark comparison game? or is it because they are similar games in some way? (i wouldn't know, i don't play MMO's)

Quote: (Originally Posted by Kakuren)
Screen shots do no justice to both games. I personally have played wow for awhile and i am also in the beta for aion. The difference is night and day. Sure they share the same mmo background but this is an unfair match up. Blizzard droped the ball when it came to graphics for their game. The reasoning is simple, a broader audience. With more people's systems being able to handle the lower graphics, sales would go up easy. This being the same reason counter strike is still popular today. Any 10year old Pc can play counterstrike but it doesnt mean it is a good game simply because everybody is doing it. Its like comparing the Wii vs the PS3. Sure you can have fun with your Mii watering skiing or boxing but when you try to compare it to the lvl of Drakes fortune or even the upcoming God of War III. Your talking two totally different experiences.

Blizzard game didn't ever have the best graphics around, but they always making them on par with most other titles for the time. CS is popular not because every comp can run it but because of the gameplay. Its not the same as comparing PS3 or Wii, although you are right in a sense.
chizow Re: WoW versus Aion: Graphics comparison of the MMORPGs
Senior Member
09.09.2009 06:04
LOL, comparing graphics to WoW is just wrong....that game didn't even look good when it first came out. While its true that gameplay is the hook for MMOs, WoW is just an ugly game that deserves a much needed make-over.

Quote: (Originally Posted by theineffablebob)
While Aion is technically more impressive, I prefer the art direction of World of Warcraft. The visuals are done in such a way that you don't get crazy jaggies in high contrast areas like trees.

Those jaggies could probably be remedied by simply enabling Transparency AA (Adaptive AA for ATI). If Aion uses CryEngine 1, it should support all AA traditional AA modes including TrAA. WoW uses huge polys and traditional textures I believe for that cartoony effect, where most modern 3D games use transparent textures for foliage.

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