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Resident Evil 5: Realistic graphics with ENB Series Mod - choose your favorite look

The PC version of Resident Evil 5 will be released soon. ENB Series modder Boris Vorontsov has published an optimization that adjusts the uncommon coloring and delivers more realistic graphics.
Resident Evil 5: New graphics style with ENB Series Mod (14)
Resident Evil 5: New graphics style with ENB Series Mod (14) [Source: view picture gallery]
Which look do you prefer for Resident Evil 5: the original graphics with the slightly green sky and the gloomy, reduced color range? Or do you want to have "normal” graphics with a blue sky and full colors?

Due to the ENB Series Mod by Boris Vorontsov you can choose for yourself. In the download area of the ENB Series Website you can find the modification for Resident Evil 5. You just need to copy the D3D9.dll and the ini file into the game folder to get "realistic” graphics for Resident Evil 5. This works fine with the benchmark demo version that has been released in July. On the comparison pictures below you can get your own impression of the differences between the two versions.

If you want to know more about the PC version of Resident Evil 5, take a look at our graphics cards benchmarks or our interview with Capcom Producer Masachika Kawata about Resident Evil 5. You might want to check out the PC vs. Xbox 360 and DirectX 9 vs. DirectX 10 - graphics comparison, too.

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Author: Bayer, Link (Sep 08, 2009)

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