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Asus: ROG Maximus II Formula and Gene officially introduced

Manufacturer Asus has introduced the socket 1156 boards Maximus III Formula and Maximus III Gene. The Intel P55 chipset motherboards offer additional features of overclockers and gamers.
Power Pack: Asus ROG Maximus III Formula and Gene
Power Pack: Asus ROG Maximus III Formula and Gene [Source: view picture gallery]
Now it's official: After several rumors about the Asus ROG Maximus III Gene and the Maximus II Formula the two new P55 boards are now listed on the company website, too.

Both motherboards support Intel's new Lynnfield processors for the socket LGA1156 and deliver - unspecified - support for DDR3-2133 RAM. Features like ROG Connect, Memperfect and Gamefirst are supposed to optimize the dataflow and adjust it to the individual requirements. Thus Asus wants to make sure that the boards become especially attractive to gamers and overclockers.

Currently the Asus Maximus III Formula and the Maximus III Gene are listed for about 205 respectively 175 Euros by European shops. The first shipments are expected for next week.

Below you can find the official features and specifications of the two high-end motherboards:

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Author: Mario Riemann (Sep 09, 2009)

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