GTA 4 with FSAA

GTA 4: Anti Aliasing with ENB Series Mod

A new extension of the ENB Series Mod is said to activate Anti aliasing in GTA 4. PC Games Hardware shows the appropriate screenshots.
GTA 4 with ENB Series Anti Aliasing Mod (Screenshot by TLL) (9)
GTA 4 with ENB Series Anti Aliasing Mod (Screenshot by TLL) (9) [Source: view picture gallery]
Programmer Boris Vorontsov has released a first version of his Anti Aliasing Mod for GTA 4 in the ENB Series. As you might know Rockstar's GTA 4 doesn't offer an option to activate "real” Anti Aliasing ex-factory. You can only use a blur filter which actually isn't recommendable since it makes the game look worse rather than better. Besides that you can force smoothed edges on GTA 4 by using the Downsampling technique.

The GTA 4 Mod can be downloaded from the ENB Series website. To install it you only need to copy the files into the game folder - thus it can be removed easily, too.

During our own tests GTA 4 didn't start, but other users from 3D Center or for example were able to use the mod. Appropriate screenshots also demonstrate that Anti Aliasing is applied to GTA 4 - and most likely it is internal Super-Sampling. In the enbseries.ini you can set the according resolution and sample number. In the game the mod is activated by pressing Shift + F12. In addition to the Anti Aliasing the mod delivers more enhancements like better lighting or reflections.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Sep 22, 2009)

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