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Battleforge: DirectX 11 patch is deployed

From today on Battleforge is officially compatible to DirectX 11 and thus is the first game that uses the new graphics API.
Battleforge (2)
Battleforge (2) [Source: view picture gallery]
The Online RTS game Battleforge already offered support for DirectX 10.1. Since today a patch that integrates DirectX 11 and several other improvements is deployed directly from the servers. The Patch Notes from the Battleforge forums list the following changes:
• DirectX 11 support enabled.
• Added /roll [n] chat command to generate random value in group chat. [n] is optional and defines the max. random value. Default is 100.
• Placing Buildings: When holding ctrl+mousewheel, it is now possible to correctly rotate a building before placement.

• Bug fix: Cards able to deal more damage against frozen units did not work correctly any more since the last patch. They either did not deal the expected amount of damage or did not correctly buff other entities to deal more damage against frozen units. This has now been fixed. The following affected cards will now be functional again as indicated in their descriptions: Rageflame (Frost Affinity), Core Dredge (Both Affinites), Deepgorge (Fire Affinity), Northstar (Both Affinities).
• Bug fix: Cards in stand ground-mode do not get knocked down from walls by cards like "hurricane” anymore (the "burrower" is still stable able to do so)
• Bug fix: Crystal Fiend: On some upgrade levels this unit casted it's heal aura incorrectly on the same target multiple times. This has been corrected.
• Bug fix: Amazon: The Amazon now gets regular damage from god spells (due to a bug this unit only received 75%)
• Bloodhorn: Added missing sounds on death, when dying, the unit is not breathing anymore

Bug Fixes
• Fixed issue where the card tooltip in the forge was displayed behind the chat window.
• Turrets are no longer returning too fast into their neutral position if the attacked target dies during attack
• Fixed a bug where the unity ability caused desynchronization errors.
• On the map Soultree, Viridya did in some case not freeze the main enemy wave. This was corrected.

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Author: Mario Riemann (Sep 23, 2009)

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