Physx off

No Nvidia Physx available with Radeon cards

Nvidia does not tolerate use of their own graphics cards as Physx accelerators as soon as a foreign card is used for graphics computation.
Nvidia disapproves mixed equipment concerning Physx
Nvidia disapproves mixed equipment concerning Physx [Source: view picture gallery]
Many Ati graphics cards users don't want to do without the Nvidia feature Physx and used a Radeon card for the graphics output and an Nvidia graphics card for Physx. As operating system Windows XP or Windows 7 is required. Vista doesn't allow the use of two different graphics card drivers.

The forum user darthcyclonis from now discovered that Nvidia disapproves a configuration with Ati and Nvidia graphics cards. From driver version 186 on, the feature Physx is immediately and irrevocably deactivated the minute the system detects a foreign graphics card.

Darthcyclonis asked the Nvidia support and received the following answer:
”...For a variety of reasons - some development expense some quality assurance and some business reasons NVIDIA will not support GPU accelerated Physx with NVIDIA GPUs while GPU rendering is happening on non- NVIDIA GPUs. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused but I hope you can understand.”
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Author: Mario Riemann (Sep 28, 2009)

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