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Mass Effect 2: Subject Zero - Sexy screenshots of Shepards new companion

New pictures of Mass Effect 2 show Subject Zero, a new female character in Bioware's Sci-Fi RPG and a possible partner to Commander Shepard.
Pictures of Mass Effect 2 (4)
Pictures of Mass Effect 2 (4) [Source: view picture gallery]
Subject Zero might not be the most dulcet name for the new beauty in Mass Effect 2, but the screenshots and a introduction video prove that she attractive nevertheless. One of the pictures after all indicates, that Subject Zero is potentially a new partner for Commander Shepard.

From what can be seen in the video Subject Zero is a tough fighter who can support your team. Since the screenshots had been released, people are wondering if there will be heated discussions about the eroticism in Mass Effect 2 again. Those who know the first part might remember that it was even possible to initiate a relation ship between two female characters which caused quite an uproar.

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Author: Andreas Link (Sep 30, 2009)

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