Crysis 2 fan fiction

Crysis 2: Unofficial trailer and fan videos

The fans of Creytek's Crysis are anxiously waiting for the second part. Some members of the community have created videos to show what they expect of Crysis 2.
Crysis Nanosuit 2 (12)
Crysis Nanosuit 2 (12) [Source: view picture gallery]
Although the videos have been published some time ago already they nevertheless are quite impressive. Crytek has even published some of them in the Crymod forum.

The first of the videos has been created with the Sandbox 2 editor of Crysis and the further polishing was done with the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. The impressive music is Through the Gates by Cellweller. Since Crysis is one of the most popular games of the last years, it is no surprise that the community is creating their own impressions of Crysis 2 as they are waiting anxiously for the game.

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Currently there is only little known about Crysis 2 and official material is extremely rare. But among other things it is worth to mention the Nanosuit 2 and that a possible Crysis 2 video has been shown at the GDC. Furthermore AMD has shown the Cry Engine 3 for PC on Ati Eyefinity in triple full HD.

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Author: Andreas Link (Oct 05, 2009)

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