Cel Shading

What if: Games like Crysis, Fallout 3 or Risen with Cel-Shading graphics

With Borderlands a new game with a graphics style similar to Cel-Shading is coming u ahead. But what would games like Risen, Crysis, Dragon Age: Origins, Half-Life 2, FIFA 10 or Fallout 3 look like with a similar design?
Crysis in Cel-Shading design
Crysis in Cel-Shading design [Source: view picture gallery]
Today the category “What if” gets a new interesting article from There someone wondered how games that already have been released would look like if they had been designed with a Cel-Shading graphics style. Could you imagine FIFA 10, Half-Life 2 or Fallout 3 with this artificial look?

With a little experience in Photoshop this can be simulated easily as proves impressively. We didn’t want to stand back behind this and, inspired by their works, transferred more games into the Cel-Shading look. Among them are Crysis, Risen, Dragon Age: Origins, Aion and Modern Warfare 2. Some of the most interesting pictures from can be found in the gallery below. For the rest, see the website. What do you think of the style? Could you imagine to play one of the games in the shown way?

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

Author: Thilo Bayer (Oct 05, 2009)

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