Five new multiplayer maps

Empire: Total War: Patch 1.5 released

With Patch 1.5 Creative Assembly adds five new maps to Empire: Total war and fixes several bugs.
Empire: Total War Patch 1.5 released (6)
Empire: Total War Patch 1.5 released (6) [Source: view picture gallery]

Only a few weeks after Empire: total War has been updated to version 1.4, a new patch has been released. Patch 1.5 has been made available and introduces five new maps for the multiplayer part. The developers describe the levels the following way:
• Grassy Flatlands - This is a flat, balanced map designed for competetive/tournament play.
• Austrian Pinnacles - A maze like European landcape with plenty of opportunities to outflank and maneuver around your opponent(s).
• Syrian Ridge - A desert map with several oasis scattered around and a large sandy hill near the centre to dominate the opposition.
• Siberian Plateau - A balanced flat snowy tundra map, heavily forested to allow for ambush and conealed fighting.
• Homestead - An American plains map with several cabin dwellings and low rolling hills with oportunities to seize elevated positions.

All the maps will be enabled for all team sizes - 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4, allowing them all to be played by any number of players.
The Patch and the maps have been published in course of the release of the Warpath extension which can be downloaded via Steam since yesterday.

Besides that Patch 1.5 for Empire: Total War also applies the following changes:
* Fixed a bug which occasionally allowed factions who were not allied to be invited to join a war
* Improved campaign map performance
* Republics will no longer dispute a claim to a throne via a war of succession
* Fixed a crash when pathfinding for embarking/disembarking
* Fixed situation where balance-of-power bar on battle screen was not considering the correct set of reinforcements
* Made the decision of which third-party factions can be involved in a campaign battle slightly fairer
* Interceptions are no longer suppressed when blockading a port
* Fixed rare crash after naval battles
* Fixed rare crash caused by successful revolutionary armies containing units that were not permitted for the resulting government type
* Fixed crash in AI logic structures
* Reduced AI army clustering
* Improved AI invasion troop movement
* Various light infantry behaviour fixes
* Naval and Land unit balancing
* General AI improvements

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Author: Thomas Schleider (Oct 07, 2009)

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