32 nanometer CPUs in 2011

New roadmap shows AMD CPUs and platforms until 2011

AMD CPUs with six cores are coming in 2010 and a new socket follows in 2011: An interesting roadmap reveals the rough schedule for future AMD desktop products.
New roadmap for AMD processors and platforms
New roadmap for AMD processors and platforms [Source: view picture gallery]
A new roadmap with AMD's desktop processors has been published on the Finnish website It shows the CPUs as well as the appropriate platforms of the mainstream and enthusiast sectors until 2011. According to this schedule the current Dragon platform 790GX/FX in the high-end sector will be replaced in 2010 by Leo which comes with the new chipset RD890 in combination with the new southbridge SB850.

Besides that the first hexa-core CPUs with the codename Thuban - still in 45 nanometer architecture - will be released. The first 32 nanometer products are supposed to come in 2011: The Zambezi processor is supposed to offer at least four cores. It is most interesting that this CPU will have a new processor socket which is called AM3r2 by AMD. It is most likely that a similar upgrade like the one from the AM2 to the AM2+ will be applied to the AM3.

The mainstream market will only see the new chipset RS880P + SB810 (Dorado platform). Even in 2010 the Athlon II family will be the powerhouse in this class. In 2011 the new Lynx platform in combination with a CPU that is called Liano will refresh the product array. The Liano will have an integrated graphics unit and up to four additional cores.

Author: Mario Riemann (Oct 08, 2009)

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