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The debut game of Remedy Entertainment has now been released for free download.
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Remedy entertainment is one of the well known studios on the market as they are responsible for popular games like Max Payne, Alan Wake and Death Race. Death Rally was the first title released by Remedy and has now been made available for free. In the racing game you control Vagabond, an armed and armored vehicle, which you see from an overhead perspective. On the tracks you can collect upgrades and equipment that help you win the races.

The game was initially released in 1996 and has now been made compatible to Windows. Logged in PC Games Hardware users can download the 42 MByte big game at the end of the page.

Why the game has now been released for free, has not been mentioned by Remedy, but rumors say that a second part of the game is possible. The US patent office confirmed the copyright of the name in early October.

During its development Death Rally was called Hispeed, but was renamed during the beta phase. Back in its time the copy protection was quite extravagant, too: A 500 MByte big file on the CD was checked when the game was launched. Thus it has been almost impossible to copy the game to the hard drive.

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Author: Andreas Link (Oct 21, 2009)

Death Rally (Windows-Version) [41,5 MB]

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