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Zombie shooter hands-on

Left 4 Dead 2 hands-on test: Scenes from a real-life Zombie show

For showing the demo of Left 4 Dead 2 EA/Valve invited fans and the press to the underground bunker at the Europahaus in Berlin. Our colleague Oliver Pusse reports about his personal horror show and the hands-on test.
Left 4 Dead 2: EA/Valve organized a horror show (16)
Left 4 Dead 2: EA/Valve organized a horror show (16) [Source: view picture gallery]
The Left 4 Dead 2 presentation was of quite a different nature: In the underground bunker near the Europahaus in Berlin/Germany the atmosphere was the same as in the horror shooter. Already at the entrance of the bunker zombies were expecting visitors. Several maps could be played in single-player and the new Scavanger multiplayer mode.

Fans of Left 4 Dead 1 will easily get along with the successor. Controls are the same; the main difference is the new weapons - especially for close combat - as well as the new maps. For a zombie shooter the latter are rather bright which lowers the horror atmosphere of the predecessor. But the suddenly emerging zombie crowds still get your adrenaline pumping. Concerning weapons Valve shows more creativity: Players can not only shoot but also use close combat weapon for hitting.

In the new Scavenger mode two teams of survivors and infected compete. The new classes of the infected offer a better gameplay variety.

From a technical point of view Left 4 Dead 2 subjective runs as smooth as the predecessor - the graphics more or less remains the same, too. The bright levels offer players a better view - at least at brighter locations. But using the flashlight even during day levels is absolutely necessary.

The atmosphere of Left 4 Dead 2 is as thrilling as it was with part one and the game will again cause many sleepless nights. The release is scheduled for November 17.

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Author: Oliver Pusse (Oct 30, 2009)

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