Redwood and Cedar

Radeon HD 5600/5500/5300: New rumors about Ati Redwood and Cedar

Which price region and which performance level will AMD's Redwood and Cedar graphics cards be intended for? And what will they be called? The first speculations have been posted on the internet.
Will AMD market the Redwood and Cedar cards as Radeon HD 5600, HD 5500 and HD 5300?
Will AMD market the Redwood and Cedar cards as Radeon HD 5600, HD 5500 and HD 5300? [Source: view picture gallery]
After AMD has launched all the DirectX 11 graphics cards that have been announced for 2009, there are already the first rumors about next year's models. Especially the announced mainstream cards based on Redwood and Cedar chips are currently in the public eye.

The website Fudzilla expects that the Redwood chip will be marketed on Radeon HD 56x0 graphics cards. A default version Redwood card would replace AMD's own DirectX 10.1 middle-class models Radeon HD 4770 and HD 4670. A slimed down version with Redwood could be used as DX11 replacement of the Radeon HD 4650.

Cedar might also be released in two versions and thus expand the entry-level market. Currently AMD supplies this sector with the models Radeon HD 4550, HD 4350 and HD 3450. The Cedar graphics cards could be marketed as Radeon HD 55x0 or Radeon HD 53x0.

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Author: Thomas Schleider (Nov 30, 2009)

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