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A new version of Nvidia's Physx System software for physics acceleration on Geforce graphics cards has been released and is ready for download.
The control panel for Physx has been integrated into the Nvidia control panel some time ago.
The control panel for Physx has been integrated into the Nvidia control panel some time ago. [Source: view picture gallery]
Physics calculation in games is a big challenge. In an extremely computationally intensive environment huge masses of mathematical and logical calculations are done in dependents to highly specialized physics algorithms.

One way to realize that is Nvidia's Physx, the software of which has now been updated. The download is available for the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, windows Vista and Windows 7. The package is also WHQL certificated. Besides the Ageia Physx cards (depending on the application) the new software also supports Nvidia Geforce cards of the Geforce 200, Geforce 9 and Geforec 8 series.

You can download the software either from Nvidia's website or if you are a logged in PCGH user, at the end of the article.

Update: December 8, 2009
A new version of the Physx System Software with the serial number 9.09.1112, which is said to be part of the next official Geforce driver package, has been made available. Actually the software was only intended for registered members of the Physx developers forum, but the leaked files are already offered for download by several sources. If you want to use the new version - at your own risk of course - you can find the package for example at The website reported about the new software version and delivers some more information.

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